Engineering Expertise

Our engineering developments mainly cover Civil and Industrial Projects. Based on comprehensive and detailed analysis of each case both at Conceptual and Execution level, we managed to face all kinds of engineering challenges.
Ingeniería Civil

Structural Engineering

– Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures for Comercial and Residential Use.
– Design and Detailing of Steel Structures for Comercial and Residential Use.
– Design, Analysis and Detailing of Road and Railway Bridges up to 30m Spans.
– Pile and Slabs Foundations Engineering.


Agriculture and Oil & Gas Industry Engineering

– Electromechanical Designs and Engineering for Solids Grain Processing.
– Design of Static and Dynamic Equipment for Oil & Gas Industry.
– Design and Calculation of Pressure Vessels and API Tanks.
– Piping Stress Analysis Engineering.
– Turnkey Plant Projects.

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